vrijdag 7 augustus 2009

40 hour Mark - Feeling surprisingly comfortable

Good things have happened since my last update 16 hours ago. To be honest, I wasn't too certain anymore about this while I was writing. I was feeling so damn tired already, only one day far. Before I took my nap at 8am this morning, just after I had written the 24h mark update, it was probably the only time since the start of this challenge that I had some trouble staying awake. Lucky for me, things got better again. I woke up at 8.20, feeling strangely better. I got into the shower, and that really got me awake again. I'm at my parents house at the moment, although my parents are gone to Norway for a few weeks. I have no clue whatsoever when they're coming back to be honest. Up to a week ago, I had my own appartment in Leuven, but I moved out of it because I'm planning on moving to Japan from the 1st of october. No solid plans yet though, I don't even have my plane ticket yet, but it'll work out somehow, like it usually does.

Where was I... I came out of the shower feeling fresh, and noticed that the house was a mess. I saw my backpack on a chair, still laying there from going to the supermarket a few days ago. I looked in it , and I had forgotten to put the pizza's that I bought into the fridge. I live on a quite chill location, farmlands around our house, and a bit from our house there's a big fenced grassland with goats, chickens, ducks and an ostrich. I went there to feed them the pizza's that I wouldn't be able to eat myself anymore anyway. Being outside in a natural environment often gives me a nice feeling, but this morning I felt really at peace. Then a few hours later I spent a whole hour laying on my belly on the grass in my garden, looking at how long it was, the flowers that I usually don't notice, and the bees going from flower to flower. Strange how everyday things like that get so beautiful when you're not busy. It makes me think... do I feel less busy now becau
se I have more time now, or just because I'm in another state of mind than my day-in-day-out busy behaviour?

In my nap at 12o'clock, I had the feeling for the first time that I had really been sleeping, and every nap it's getting a little bit better. That being said, there's no way that I'm already getting into the right sleep-phase. That will probably take a few days longer. The first days will probably be pretty exhausting. Even though I feel pretty comfortable right now, I know that the next 24h will get really tough.

Another thing that's really strange that I noticed, is my feeling for time. I'm perceiving time
differently as usual. Because I have been conscious for such a long time without being unconscious for longer than an hour, it feels like I'm still in the same day as yesterday morning, when I started this challenge. Time seems much more like a continuous thing, opposed to seeing time as a cycle of every day a new beginning like I used to.

Tomorrow will be the first time in my challenge that I have something social going on that I have to attend. There's a repetition with my band at 2pm. We usually practice for about 2 hours, so hopefully I can hop on the train back at 4pm and take my nap on the train. I'm definitely not going there by car, for obvious reasons. I fall asleep isanely quickly when I'm on a train, so taking my nap there shouldn't be a major setback. There was also a party going on in the evening that I was asked to attend, although I think I'm going to excuse myself for that one. I feel a bit bad about it, because the organizer had complained to me already about how many people couldn't come already. Going to this party would probably mean being back to square one, because I'de have to miss one nap, on the same day that one of the other naps is pretty irregular already.

I'm off for today, midnight nap is in about half an hour.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. I'll have my eyes on this blog :)
    I also want to try this but I'm a little afraid that I wont be able to stick with the schedule.
    So, I'm very curious about how many days you'l l last :D
    Anyway, GOOD LUCK !

  2. If you're serious about wanting to try it, you're welcome to put your updates/progress on this blog too as co-writer ;) It will make the blog more interesting.
    Check out google group on polyphasic sleeping before you decide on starting.