zaterdag 8 augustus 2009

First obstacle succesfully dodged

I woke up at 12.20 noon today, feeling pretty fresh, put on some clothes, and took train to Kortenberg, the town where we do our repetitions with our band. Although I was kind of drowsy during the train ride, sometimes wondering wether those strange random thoughts in my head were microsleeps of a single second, or just mere daydreaming. (things started to relate in my head that were completely 100% unrelated)Seeing some people gave me a lot of new energy somehow. I just felt normal, even more energetic than usually at repetitions. My sound quality wasn't really to write home about, but it's kind of to be accepted that my voice suffers a bit when being deprived from sleep. I just caught my train back at 4pm by seconds, and took my nap on the train. It wasn't that succesful of a nap, being split up in a few 1 minute naps, a few 2 minute naps and one of 5 minute, which was the one that was responsible for missing my stop =P. No worry though, it's not that I was in a
hurry. I'm back home now, and feeling around a 4.5 on the scale of sleepiness (see last post).

This blog is being followed at a pretty big Dutch forum called , and someone asked me a good question that probably more people are wondering about, and to be honest I'm wondering about it too. I once read a book about sleeping quality, and that book seemed to put a lot of importance on the 'Deep Sleep' phase, which speedens your regeneration rate (limbs start growing back and stuff like that...) and on the organizing of your brain. Note that the sleep system that I'm aiming for, doesn't have any of this.
Because I'm very much into personal development overall, I know a few random things that might give an answer to it. I'm actually a pretty active meditator, meditating an hour of active meditation a day since about 6 months ago. For that purpose I'm using Holosync technology, it's a system where you put on an audiotrack on headphones while you meditate, and by sending differen
t frequencies into different ears that influence your brain waves. You get lead through different types of brain waves, and ultimately half an hour of delta waves, which are th
e type of brain waves that you're in during deep sleep. The benefits of meditating seem to be exactly the benefits you get from deep sleep, and a few other random things that I won't get into, because I'm not going to turn this blog into my personal New-Age playground. Since I started meditating, I often find myself being passively into a meditative relaxed state during random parts of the day, and the longer I'm into it, the more I notice this.
Although I don't really think it's a smart idea of saying anything definite about the difficulty of this challenge, I have the feeling at the moment that it's kinda 'easy' compared to all the horror stories that I'de heard about it, a lot of people not making day 4 by oversleeping during day 2 or day 3 or just falling asleep all over the place. Maybe my habit of being in a light meditative state is of a big service to me here. I would like to end my post with a very meaningful piece of wisdom that an old monk once told me in a hightened state of enlightenment.

by the way, I fixed time format of the blog \o/

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  1. Hi! reading your blogs since the reference from FOK!. Hope you make it seems hard. GL

  2. quote(from Pure Doxyk): "your brain is
    actively going to encourage, even try to force, you to change your mind about not sleeping"
    I think your concerns about "'Deep Sleep' phase" is just a good trick used by your brain, looking for reasons to give up :)