donderdag 13 augustus 2009

War against unconsciousness

I had my first big slip today. Yesterday I ended my post, asking myself if it was coincidence that at the previous day I had very vivid dreams at the 4AM nap, and at current day, I had them again at the 4AM nap. I think it's no coincidence. Yesterday I overslept 30 minutes in my 8AM nap. Today I overslept for 4 hours, being lucky that I had set up my first alarm not only to go off for my 8AM nap, but also for my 12AM one. The 12AM one saved me this time. Strangely enough, I was still semi-sleepwalking when I woke up from the 12AM one, taking a shower without thinking about anything really and only became conscious when I was gettign out of the shower and that's when I realized that I had overslept.

There is still hope though. I'm not going to give up from just one slip-up. I believe what my mind's throwing at me is it's last line of defense, and even though it will be tough getting past it, with a good method of keeping myself from doing this again, it is possible I believe. Firstly, I can set up my first alarm to go off at 4 differnt times, and I will set up all of those alarms between waking up time and every 5 minutes after. I will also wrap a few bags around my second alarm. It's a very annoying sound, so I hope getting the bags from it reminds me that it's time to get conscious now. Also, my parents will get home from holiday today. I am pretty sure that 'my mommy (^_^)' will help me by waking me up / asking me what 5158+849 is, to make sure that I'm really conscious.

When things continue as they do, my naps every day should be happening in a parallel way. I should get a nap with REM sleep at 4AM, I should be getting another type of sleep in the 8AM one, which has to be a phase where I'm most unconscious. I've never had any trouble at all with my noon, 4PM and 8PM naps, and I don't really expect trouble there, even though I'll take the necessary precautions anyway.
I believe that if I can get this phase, I will succeed. I think if I can get past week 2 without slipping it up again, I'll be pretty safe, but first things first, getting through week 2 will maybe have more challenges.

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