maandag 10 augustus 2009

The original Uberman video, before it was called uberman

The uberman schedule was created based on this system. 1991-style guaranteed.
The subject doesn't really seem to succeed though. I think a major factor that will decide succes or failure is your own motivation, and in this experiment the subject didn't seem very motivated at all, and did it because of external pressure rather than internal motivation.

The video shows that I was misinformed about a certain aspect of uberman though. Apparantly, some of your naps will be REM sleep, some will be deep sleep, some will be blahblahblah...
That's nice to know, because that was pretty much the only real doubt that I had about it. If the human race has certain sleep-phases, they should have a reason for it.

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  1. 20 min naps are better than 30 min. The guy from the video takes half hour naps. This may be another cause for his failure.