woensdag 12 augustus 2009

Hacking my own brainz: Great Succes!

It's been a long long while since my last point. (at least in the way I perceive it ;) I had a very interesting day yesterday, but somehow I didn't feel so much like posting. During the last 2 days, I haven't had any of those moments that I was REALLY tired. On the other hand, I hadn't had a lot of moments either that I felt really wide awake. I still hadn't had a real dream in nearly 6 days, which indicates the lack of a very important sleeping phase: REM. Even though I myself have always been driven, awake and motivated, I felt that my body on the other hand was starting to have a hard time because of the sleep deprivation. I figured that my body could use some care. Personally, the one thing that I consider the nicest treat to my body, apart from really good sex, is getting a massage from a pro who really knows what she's doing. I thought that I deserved one. I couldn't go to a kind of massage that would result in me falling asleep on the table though. That left somewhat every
kind of massage out, except one: Thai massage. I'de had 2 real Thai massages before in my life, and really loved them, so I went on the interwebz to look for a good reputable place. (you should try typing thai massage in google, you'll figure out very quickly that its NOT easy to find a good reputable Thai massage place in Belgium)
Because of epic google skillz, I finally did find one that looked good (which means has gotten certificates of traditional Thai massage in Thailand). I could get an appointment in on the same day, although there was one problem. It didn't really fit with my napping schedule. It was from
6.30PM to 8.30PM, and 8.00-->8.20 is napping time for me. I thought that it wouldn't be such a disaster to miss one nap... I'de be relaxing either way. Anywayz, I ended up getting the number 1 (or maybe 2) best massage I ever had in my life. It was a nice lady that was fluent in English, and she stretched me in ways that I never knew was within my skilltree. Even though the massage was quite active, I ended up getting REALLY sleepy during the time of my nap. I didn't have a clock, but intuitively I knew exactly from when to when it was, because I coulnd't keep my eyes open, and had something like 50 very short microsleeps within those 20 minutes, being on the verge between being awake and asleep, while an Asian woman was doing some really weird things with my
body. It was an 'interesting' experience ^_^.

I haven't experienced any special tiredness because of 'missing' my nap there, so I guess I haven't done anything too bad. Also yesterday, I got into the beta of the new stand-alone version of Defend of the Ancients, also known as DOTA. Most of my childhood, I've been a game addict, and even though last years I don't play games so much anym
ore, it's still something that I can put a lot of time in, if I get into it again. Since it's a highly improved version of one of my favorite games ever, I was pretty excited
about it, and that gives me the most effective tool for if extremely sleepy times occur.

Then the most important point of this post is the following. I reached the most essential checkpoint in the adjustment period of the Uberman schedule.

(Picture unrelated)

I had my first real dream, for the first time in the 6 days that I've started this whole thing! It was a pretty weird experience. I got into my bed at 4am, and fell asleep pretty quickly. Then, when I wake up, I wake up out of a very vivid dream (that was for some reason about my brother, finding an LSD trip-report on the back of a Lara Croft poster on my wall O_o. I've never written an lsd trip-report on the back of a poster, let alone Lara Croft, so I have no clue
where that stuff comes from :P) Anyhow, the dream was vivid and it seemed like it lasted a long time, like a dream that you remember when you've slept quite long. When I woke up, I KNEW that I had overslept SEVERAL HOURS. I jumped out the bed, ran to my desk to check my phone for the time... It showed.... 04:15. That was a really weird feeling. If I were checking for dream-signs to get lucid, I probably would have genuinely thought that I was still dreaming. I
went back in my bed for those last 5 minutes, just laying there... I felt extremely refreshed, unlike any of the other naps I had had this week. I'm feeling for the first time that I got a really high quality nap in, and it's the first signpost to getting my fatigue-level back to normal again! It's also the sign that I now know for sure that I'm adjusting in a good direction, since I've got into REM-sleep in only a 15 minute nap. (and normally REM sleep doesnt occur before the first
90 minutes of your sleep-cycle)

I'm excited about being able to dream again, because there's lots that I want to try out concerning lucid dreaming. These powernaps give you great opportunity to practice and try new things out. Normally you only get one shot a day, but when I'll have dreams in any of my naps, I'll get 6 shots a day O_o. I hope to be giving some lucid dreaming reports soon too ;).

# of hours into Uberman schedule: 143
Hours of sleep, of those 143: 11 hours and 40 min

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  1. You didnt post yesterday. I thought you gave up.
    Congratulations for your first REM nap :)