zondag 9 augustus 2009

56 Hours in - Staying strong - Trippy side effects naps

Hi folks, tonight is my third night of the experiment, and I'm preparing myself mentally for the truck that's going to hit me somewhere between 4.20 and 8am. Even though chances are pretty high that it's going to hit me hard tonight, I am prepared for it like a soldier laying silently in the long grass, knowing that something dangerous will come pretty soon, but confident that whatever happens, I will prevail against anything that's coming at me. At the moment I'm in a pretty dreamy state. Not extremely alert, but no pressing exhaustion that's urging me to fall asleep. I'm getting more and more used to the naps. Probably because of a mix of factors, I'm falling asleep pretty quickly. Last nap, falling asleep was pretty special. Normally I have a pretty hard time falling asleep when laying on my back, but I know out of experience when I do fall asleep on my back somehow, the quality of my sleep is better.
Up until now I've been falling asleep laying on my side like always, but tonight at midnight I got into my bed, lay on my back and waited for relaxation to wash over me, like the waves of an ocean. That's what it felt like, wave after wave of relaxation, while I was consciously feeling my body getting paralyzed and getting into sleep state just a little bit earlier than my mind did, and after about 3 minutes of this from the moment I got into my bed, I lost consciousness, and next thing I knew my alarm was going off.

The fact that I got my body to fall asleep so easily before my mind did makes me VERY excited. I had heard already from the book Ubersleep, that a polyphasic sleeping rhythm, makes you more likely to have lucid dreams. For the ones who haven't heard of lucid dreams, I'll explain it shortly. Lucid dreaming is being aware in your dream that you're dreaming. Since you're the one creating your dream, realizing in your dream that you're dreaming gives you ULTIMATE freedom. It's one of my favourite topics really. I've been madly intrigued by dreams since I was a child, and since about 6 months ago I heard about lucid dreaming for the first time. I read a
book about it (Stephen Laberge), and after applying the techniques that the book recommended for having higher chances of dreaming lucid, I had a few of them over the past few months. In the past, I have experienced several types of drugs, mostly psychedelics, but lucid dreaming beats the crap out of all of them. It's so intense, and so extremely fun. People that have experienced flying in a dream might have an idea what I'm talking about.
Now... to get back on track, the reason why I'm so excited about my body falling asleep before my mind, is because it could be a straight gateway from consciousness right into a dream, and since you went straight from awake to dream, it's pretty obvious that you'll know that you're dreaming. I've experienced it in the past, waking up from a dream during the night, but knowing that when you'll close your eyes, you'll fall asleep again in seconds. At that time, I used to let my imagination make an image in my mind eye of an environment. When you're so close on the border between being awake and sleeping, it sometimes happens that this environment that you're imagining, materializes right around you, and becomes your dreaming world. I've had it happen twice, and it blew me off my socks. It probably won't work until I'm getting into REM-sleep (I'm not getting any of it yet... REM sleep is the phase where you dream). I'll try this technique of lucid dreaming when I'm starting to dream during my naps. It should start to happen tomorrow or the day after it I think. If not, I'm fucked, because as long as I'm not getting any REM-sleep, I'm not getting any real energy from my naps basically. *abrupt end, without any reason in particular*

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  1. good luck and keep going...
    By far the most interesting polyphasic blog...and cool images I must say