vrijdag 14 augustus 2009

Crosspost: Revolutionary stuff going on here

My last naps since my oversleeping have gone all according to schedule, and I don't feel any more or less tired, so I think oversleeping once hasn't done a lot of harm. I'm pretty relieved about that.

Now, for the main part of this post, something pretty awesome happened, and I made a post about it earlier on the google group of polyphasic sleep, and since I don't really feel like typing it all over in a blog format, I'm just going to copy/paste. It's pretty dang amazing either way.

I was so extremely pleasantly surprised when I noticed this. I am now
about to enter day 9 of Uberman. Just a few minutes ago, I became
conscious of something that's pretty against what you would think
would happen to a sleep-deprived person.
To my great astonishment, I noticed that a few chronic skin conditions
that I have are gone without a trace in some locations, and in the
process of disappearing in other locations.
For example I had a light chronic form of hives for 2 years now, and I
suffered from it about once a day usually when just waking up, or
undergoing sudden temperature changes. In the past week, I haven't
experienced it even once!
I also have a pretty rough skin overall and also a light form acne on
my arms, back, face and neck. I was standing under the shower this
morning, and I very randomly noticed that my skin felt really
different to the touch than usual. I noticed that my nose for example,
where I've had very light acne in a chronic way since I was 13 years
old or so, was COMPLETELY smooth, without a trace of the acne that
I'de been having for the past 9 years. I started feeling my arms and
back, and they felt like I was touching a girl's skin, so perfectly
smooth, and most places had no sign of roughness or acne AT ALL
Has anyone else on Uberman experienced this?
I consider this kind of weird, because one would think that your
health would suffer from being sleep-deprivation. My intuition tells
me though, that it is because of the increased consciousness that I
have now I am doing Uberman. I feel like my meditations for example
are on a completely other level when I'm on uberman than before, that
I'm having an energy vibration incomparable to what I usually have. I
have done energy work before, and I have a basic certificate of energy
healing from doing a weekend course on it. From that background, a
metaphysical background, it's easily explained why my healing rate has
gone to extreme levels now I'm on uberman. More consciousness equals a
higher vibration of energy particles. The principle of energy healing
is that when you create a high energy vibration near a body part that
you want to cure of a client or yourself, it will start healing faster
than normally. I do feel like my whole body is vibrating on a higher
level since I started doing Uberman, and I think that might explain
this phenomenon. Since I'm only in the adjustment period of Uberman,
I'm waiting eagerly to what other stuff will happen to me further on
the road.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Although it would be nice to have Uber healing powers, try some down to earth logic first: http://www.allergyescape.com/about-dust-mites.html

    Don't think you're using your bed as much as you're used now on this experiment eh?

  2. Hehehe, that would have been funny if it were true. I have moved several times since I had this you know.

  3. Guess you're right. Will keep following the blog nonetheless, good luck!