zondag 9 augustus 2009

Day 4 - Day of the zombie

Eighty hours have passed since I slept longer than 20 minutes for the last time. Like I had anticipated, I got pretty tired around 6am. In previous days, I was okay again after 9, but today the extreme feeling of tiredness doesn't go away. Lucky for me it's not so bad yet that I have real trouble keeping my eyes open, but if I don't get some REM sleep in any of today's naps, it's going to get pretty rough. I'm not despairing in any way though. I still got enough things to keep me busy, and getting to REM in my naps can't be too far away anymore. Most people who have gone before me started getting REM on either end of day3, day4 or start of day5. (or later, but that's pretty much always because of oversleeping in some way or another.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh man, that zombie looks awesome :) I mean, other than a zombie wtf is that?!! And that glove ... what is that for? I like it! :))