donderdag 6 augustus 2009

Uberman Sleep Schedule

(This post is second part of the introduction of this blog. Read first post first if you like common sense)

I'm probably what could be called an impulsive person. I found out about a book this morning named Ubersleep, I looked it up, downloaded it, read it, and decided that I was going to do it NOW.
I'm pretty used to getting into stuff pretty impulsively like this, but I don't think I ever
really regretted anything I did like it. (at least I'm reading about it before I act =)
One of the last times, I decided that it would be a good exercise to try fasting for 5 days, retaining from anything but water, because I wanted to test my own willpower. After reading about it, it seemed pretty healthy too for cleansing reasons, to do once in a while if you know what you're doing and you know what you might expect. Having that experience might help me in getting through the first week of the 'Uberman Schedule of Polyphasic Sleeping'.

The book Ubersleep is not written by a scientist, but by a person that goes by
the alias Puredoxyk. People of the
interwebs call her the Internet-Guru of Polyphasic Sleeping, because she's the person who co-developped the Uberman-method and helped a lot of other people succesfully achieve it. In 2008 she finally released a book which holds all her knowledge, tips, tricks, epic skilzz, talents, aspects, upgrades, flying mounts, etc... for Polyphasic Sleeping.

Now, what exactly is polyphasic sleeping, and what is the uberman-method?!(sounds kinda nazi to me, but can't help it that it's named that way.)

Polyphasic sleeping is sleeping several small chunks of time a day. (of altogether
80 to 240 minutes of sleep a day, according to the schedule you're using)
It's the opposite of monophasic sleeping, where you sleep for one large chunk,
like most people do.
The Uberman-method in particular is a system where you take naps of 20 minutes, exactly every 4 hours. Strictness to the schedule is of life importance, because you have to persuade your brain that there's a new system in place, and that you're not planning to be careless about it. (I wonder if this is going to be
easier or harder for me, since I don't really have a biorhythm to begin with)

Why do I want to do it?

There are several reasons for this. The first thing being that if I feel the challenge to do something, I feel really attracted to actually doing it. I proved for myself a few months ago that I have the willpower to live without eating 5 days straight, this is taking that reason a step further. For that part, I believe in the motto:'What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.'
Another reason is quite obvious, how awesome would it be to have 6 hours extra in one day?! One issue that's been following me since I'm 13 years old or something, is that there have always been so many things I want to do, but I don't have the time for it. I understand that this has also to do with other things like scheduling and psychological stance, although it's still obvious that you can do more things if you have a quarter as much time as you usually do.
Another thing that attracts me to the Uberman-method is that people who practice it, note a feeling of euphoria, higher consciousness and the notion of never ever feeling tired, unless they're coming close to a nap.
Another small reason that attracts me in the uberman-method, is the fact that explorers before me have noted that sleeping this kind of schedule allows for a higher rate of lucid dreams. It's a subject that I'm already very into since half a year, and I'm having moderate succes with it. It would be cool if it actually upped my rate of lucid dreams too.

Will it be easy?

One thing I can already say for certain, is that it won't be a piece of cake. Even though it sounds completely awesome to being wide awake every day and only needing 2 hours of sleep a day, the way getting there won't be so pleasant. This doesn't mean that I'm not excited to try, but still, there's a reason why only about 10% of the people who try to install this program in their head actually succeed in doing so effectively, and the ones who do often have to give it up because Western lifestyle often doesn't allow a person to nap for 20 minutes every 4 hours.
Nevertheless, I am going for it!

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  2. I've heard about that guy in a succes story, thanks for the link.